Industrial/Food Processing

Direct Table Foods

The construction of 220,000sq ft of food processing factory, in a green field site, comprising 10 production lines and 3 areas for curing pork meat and ancillary accommodation. Ralph T. King & Associates were employed to undertake the infrastructure design and then the subsequent fit out of the engineering services within the factory. This included ammonia refrigeration plant for cold stores, from which the waste heat was used to pre heat wash down water and domestic water services. 150kW curing ovens and 1.5mW power distribution.


An existing 250,000sq ft production facility was reconfigured whilst maintaining full operation whilst releasing 25% of the existing foot plate to enable a new more space efficient production unit to be created. Ralph T. King & Associates were employed to design the enabling works to facilitate the replanning and then subsequently to design the new 180,000sq ft production facility comprising 17 production lines and 24 slicing and grating lines for the cheese industry. The works included 2.5mW heat pumps, chillers and a CHP plant. Waste heat was reused on the process.

Adams Foods Ingredients

This 120,000sq ft production facility was designed on a brown field site and the facility was built for the conversion of bulk materials into powders that can be used to flavour food production. The production lines included bulk grinders and mixers and packaging facilities for finished products. Ralph T. King & Associates designed the engineering services which had to take account of the flammable and explosive nature of the working environment.