High Quality Residential

41 Charles St Mayfair

The refurbishment and redevelopment of a Grade II listed property and Mews House to provide 28,000sq ft of private air-conditioned period residence to the highest standard with 25 metre swimming pool leisure facility in the sub-basement for a Monte Carlo based Client.

The designs included extensive audio and visual theatre where the entertainment concepts that were developed have been adopted in other properties owned by the Client, including the marine and aviation environment.

67 Eaton Place Belgravia

The remodelling and refurbishment of a 19,500sq ft Listed Main House and Mews Buildings to include full air conditioning and building intelligence for a Middle Eastern Client. The brief required an ultra clean environment excluding all pollutants, particles etc that is in the local air. Extensive pre treatment to the air supply including scrubbing, UV treatment etc. was provided. There was also the requirement for a multi function space that can accommodate substantial number of occupants and maintain close tolerance of environmental conditions whilst maintaining the desired air cleanliness.

74/75 Eaton Square Belgravia

The redevelopment and extension of a Grade 2* Listed building to provide 11,600sq ft of a private residence of exceptional quality. The building is a mixture of duplex accommodation and lateral extension. The building services were extensively detailed and included full air conditioning, state of the art lighting and audio visual installations and underground swimming pool and leisure facilities.